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Accès rapide


Pomona Export is a key provider in international food distribution and shipment for culinary professionals, caterers and food suppliers. Seeing to all your specific requirements, we understand your common necessity: to receive fresh products of quality and efficient customized support.

Our office is located in RUNGIS, the widest food market in the world.

Everyday we select our products direct from the farming plots and fish auctions, in France and abroad, according to a specific set of criteria. We deliver all over the world and guarantee the quality and freshness of our products.

Our proficiency is based on the satisfaction and feedback received from the daily assistance we provide our clients. Everyday we adapt our business and products to each area of the world we supply to: Asia, Middle East, Africa, the overseas territories of France, and Europe. Each have specific needs and we strive to meet them to our best endeavors. Our priority is your satisfaction.

Products of the month

November, 2016
Usually without pips, Clementines are the hybrid of a mandarin and a bitter orange. The fruit got its name from its creator, brother Clement. Surprisingly, it is green when ripe and turns orange with heat. Very rich in vitamin C, it is appreciated for its natural segments. Our clementines are very fragrant, sweet, soft, juicy and slightly acidic. They are divided into 3 categories: clementines, clementines with pips, and those without pips. Their minimal diameter is set at 35 mm, and for the fruit to contain over 40 % juice.
September, 2016
Season of Asparagus from PERU has started ! This vegetable has been cultivated in the Mediterranean region since Antiquity. This vegetable is eaten more and more nowadays, and mainly raw. The heads release most of the flavor. Asparagus tastes slightly like artichoke. Our white and green Asparagus are not collected the same way: the white ones are picked as soon as they come out of the ground, whereas the green ones are harvested when they are 15 cm high.
November, 2016
Andouille is a French specialty made of pork tripe mixed with seasoning: salt, pepper, spices and herbs. It is then tied up, dried, smoked, steamed or cooked with stock. Each region in France has its own cooking tradition, based on ancient recipes, sometimes passed on orally. Andouille is ready to eat cold and sliced, or to cook in the oven or the pan. We supply a wide range of delicious sausages: - Andouille de Baye, plain or with bacon - Andouille de Guémené - Authentic or stringed Andouille de Vire - Andouille de Troyes, plain or in jelly.
November, 2016
The scientific name of Oyster is Crassostrea or Ostrea, according to the species. Oyster is a bivalve mollusk living in salty water. It was already collected from beaches during prehistory. Ancient Greeks used to vote for the exile of unwanted people by writing down their name on an Oyster shell. The edible part of the Oyster is the muscle used to open or close its shells. The flesh is fine and delicious, soft and firm at the same time. It’s delicate, rich in omega-3, vitamins A, B and D, as well as minerals. Our Oysters mainly come from France, or the Pacific Ocean. Our range of oysters is wide : - Fines de Claire and Special Fines de Claires - Excellence Oysters (exclusivity Pomona TerreAzur) - Belon - Bouzigue - Oyster plate sauvage - Oyster creuse bretonne - Normande - Terraostra - Sublime - Oyster from Ireland - Oyster from Holland - Speciale Gillardeau - Tsarskaya

Expression of the month

Cool as a cucumber

"Cool as a cucumber" exists because the high water content of a cucumber keeps them pretty cold. Lettuce and celery both have high water contents as well, but "cool as lettuce" might not have the same ring to it.